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Timeless Our Model of Care Treatment
Timeless Our Model of Care Treatment
Timeless Our Model of Care Treatment
Timeless Our Model of Care Treatment

About Us

Timeless Care LLC, is a licensed Behavioral Health Residential Facility that offer a heart-centered program with a history of delivering results and a vision for a brighter future for our clients. Our  concept of Care is based on an established Structure and Safety environment for individuals with both short and long term behavioral disabilities. We provide 24/7 hour supervised home care and will concentrate on individual development, life skills training, discussions groups, self-sufficiency and mental as well as physical well-being. Our goal is to create a nurturing home environment where individuals are challenged and encouraged to improve every day they are in our care by our well-trained and dedicated staff.

Timeless Care LLC, is committed towards working within the neighborhood and community to collaborate with Parents, Guardians, Families, law enforcement, and other public agencies to help ensure we provide value-added services and unique experiences that each individuals will remember long after recovery their time with our Facility.

Our overall philosophy is to create a structure, secure and constructive home environment that supports the process of rehabilitation needed by individuals. We, believe in leading by example and providing positive daily interaction.  These methods will not only help facilitate in carrying out our Mission, Vision, Core Values and Purpose, but will also provide role-model behavior for individuals that will eventually lead to constructive change in their everyday behavior. 

Why Us?

You know individuals with disabilities needs help, but the process of evaluating an array of different treatment options is timeless. How do you know which type of treatment will be the most beneficial? You might be wishing you had a team of experts to guide you in this critical decision.  At Timeless, we are that team of experts that partner in recovering.

We differentiate ourselves by filling in the gaps left by these leading treatment options and offering a one-to-one kind program experience for individuals. We work Timelessly to develop and operate a unique program to individuals. We have blended the benefits of four approaches to creating a residential treatment center with a fully accredited treatment program while leveraging recreational and activity therapy to promote positive change.  Collectively, our program creates a customizable and unique approach to truly providing a holistic approach to care.  

Partners in Recovery

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